Seven Fundamentals of Good Design

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Straight Lines – This small jewellery box, built by Scott King, is a great example of how to successfully use line as the main focus.


Crisp, Clean Design – Ian Godfrey successfully keeps the viewer focused on line by ensuring the proportions and details support clean and uninterrupted lines.

Line is defined by two points and is long relative to its width; it can be thick, thin, vertical, diagonal, straight or curved. Lines are often used to define a space, draw attention to a particular area and guide the viewer’s eyes around a piece. To critically examine line in your design, look at the relationship between the lines, including ones which may be created in the negative space. How do they align? Do they lead your eye around the piece or do they stop abruptly and create disorientation?

Horizontal lines communicate a feeling of length or width and continuation. Being parallel to the earth they suggest stability, calm and rest.

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