How to Become a Furniture Designer

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Professional Development

Professional development for furniture designers is offered by associations such as the International Furnishings and Design Association. Professionals who wish to continue their education and learn new skills can sign up for webinars, symposiums, and in-person classes. These associations also may post jobs online for professionals hoping to further their career.

Young people hoping to get into furniture design may have a challenging road ahead, as furniture designers occupy a small place in today’s workforce. Those who work hard to earn a degree, develop their customer service skills, networking skills and organizational skills will have more opportunities. Getting started early while still in school by taking advantage of apprenticeships or connecting with a mentor can help young professionals develop these skills.

Furniture designers are categorized under “Industrial Designers” on the US Bureau of Labor Statistics website and can include cabinetmakers, bench carpenters, and general carpenters. In 2015, the median pay for these professionals was approximately $67,100 annually. In that same year, there were approximately 66,000 bench makers and cabinet makers, and approximately 10,000 carpenters in the country. This profession has a slower than average growth rate of approximately two percent annually.

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