How to Become a Furniture Designer

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Like all artists, furniture designers must possess a keen sense of aesthetic beauty and a good eye for detail. These skills enable them to take a project from inception to completion, mixing beauty with practicality to create furnishings that are both functional and comfortable.

Ability to draw and conceptualize three-dimensional objects is also very important in this field. Furniture designers must be able to work with a variety different materials like wood, metal, fabric, and paper and pencil. Many furniture designers also find computer skills to be helpful for creating an online portfolio, applying for jobs, and working with design software.


Typical College Majors Include Furniture Design, Industrial Design or Product Design

Furniture makers can choose different educational paths to achieve their objectives. Most furniture designers just starting out who would like to work for large companies often earn a bachelor’s degree. In fact, most large corporations require a bachelor’s degree in furniture design, architecture, or interior design. In this case, students will choose to study interior design, industrial design, architecture, or product design. Classes in the arts can help aspiring furniture designers develop an understanding of the history of art and architecture, the significance of artistic movements, and the principals of good design.

A furniture design major typically provides a comprehensive technical background in woodworking, while also allowing students to investigate a range of creative topics, such as studio art, interior design, or drawing. Classes teach the use of woodworking and hand tools, fundamentals of construction and design, portfolio development, art history, drawing, fundamental design issues, concept development, and business practices.

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