Get Inspired: 15 Stylish Shed Designs

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Vintage Cottage She Shed

picture of outdoor shed

The female version of man caves are she sheds: havens to escape that can be designed and decorated in whatever style the owner desires. Inspired by a tiny hummingbird viewed nearby, this shed is aptly named Hummingbird Cottage. Lovely photos on Instagram reveal that the shed is used for art projects, as a retreat, displaying vintage pottery, and for entertaining friends. Extras like a hanging faux-crystal chandelier, potted flowering plants, wreaths, and stained glass give it a personal touch.

Where Maple Syrup is Made

shed designs

Osborn Studio + built a farmhouse-style shed in Burlington, Vermont, that includes a cupola, which is a dome-like structure on top of a building. The reason? In the spring, maple syrup is made inside the shed and steam from the evaporator is released through the cupola. It also makes a charming addition.

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