Get Inspired: 15 Stylish Shed Designs

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Architect’s Cozy Shed

photo of shed with porch

Accessible via a path or the alley, an old-fashioned looking garden shed in the Eugene, Oregon, yard of architect David Edrington is tall and narrow with lots of details. Designed by Edrington, of course, the shed features a front porch, a door and 11 windows painted to match other architectural elements and trim, and exterior shingles.

Edrington used recycled and repurposed materials to build the shed. Restored garage doors were used for the south wall to allow light to filter through, good for seedlings. The floors are made of recycled brick on sand. A pull-down ladder leads to the second floor, where the architect built beds and tables as a cozy sleeping nook for his grandchildren. In the afternoons, Edrington and his wife enjoy a cup of tea in the shed.

Green Roof

shed designs

A wooden shed in Louisville, Kentucky, built by Graham Design and Construction sports a lovely green roof planted with sedums, a type of succulent. A rubber roof membrane was installed prior to planting the growing medium and plants. Without its protection, the roof would rot.

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