Best 14 Practical Steps to Designing Furniture

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comfortable feel inspired me to save it. Back at my shop I shaped some softwood model pulls that I could keep. Then, naturally, I ate the chocolate.


3 – What do you “take for granted” about a piece of furniture? We take things for granted every day, and that can give us tunnel vision. Make a list of the things you take for granted about the general style of furniture you want to design. Once you have your list, go through it and consider what the piece of furniture would look like if you didn’t follow one or more of the points.

What do you take for granted about the cabinet on a stand?   1-Cabinet on top of stand, 2-door(s) at the front, 3-cabinet is square or rectangular in shape, 4-two sides, one front and one back, 5-four legs, 6-drawers and/or shelves inside, 7-doors hinged to gables, 8-often simple or subtle in design, etc.  After I made my list, I focused on “4 – two sides, one front and one back”, and made a hexagonal shaped cabinet.

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