Best 14 Practical Steps to Designing Furniture

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2 – Inspiration from humanity. We see so many shapes, forms, textures, patterns, etc. on a daily basis – often we pass by them and don’t give them much thought. You can be in the supermarket, driving down the road or just going through your day-to-day life when something strikes your fancy.

If it’s a shape or subject that speaks to you, then run with it. Inspiration can sometimes be in silly or weird places. I have paused a movie so I could take a photo of a building in it and I have also been inspired by the pattern made by swirling paint in a can as I stirred it up.


Everyday occurrence – After driving past this window many times, I finally noticed it. Nice proportions and lots of room for artistic freedom made me play around with the overall design when building this wall cabinet. I used hand-made paper for the door panels. Keeping your eyes open to things you see everyday will go a long way to finding new design possibilities.

Great-tasting idea – Part way through a box of chocolates one caught my eye. The graceful curves and

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