Best 14 Practical Steps to Designing Furniture

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1 – Inspiration from nature. The natural world is one of the most common ways I find new furniture design ideas. Everything from shadows and plants to animals and water can give me a general shape or form as a starting point. I then have to work out the details, and turn it into a piece of furniture. It doesn’t have to be an exact shape from the natural world; it can be more abstract or impressionistic. Once you start looking, you will be amazed how many organic, fascinating shapes you will find.


Au Naturale – The natural world has so many interesting and varied shapes and lines that you will never run out of inspiration. The design on this shoji screen was inspired by the general form of a bonsai tree. After making the frame, I applied the white background paper then cut and applied the four different papers that make up the image on the front of the screen.


It’s easy being green – Leaves often have simple, flowing lines, which make for great furniture. After seeing the simple form of this black cherry leaf I thought it would make a great coffee table top. Cherry leaf and berry inlay added a focal point to the table-top.

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