11 Tips & Tricks That Keep Plants Blooming For Longer

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Flowers are meant to bring cheer and beauty to your surroundings with their jewel colors and enchanting fragrance. Cool season flowers put up a good show in spring, and then again in fall in some cases. Tender plants survive only for a summer. Use the following tricks to keep your garden in one continuous floral display from early spring to late fall.

1. Start with healthy seedlings

The early development of  has an impact on the performance of flowering plants. Spindly plants with weak or elongated stems often indicate light or water stress in their early days. They may fail to thrive even if you shower any amount of loving tender care later on. They may quickly run through their entire life cycle and start setting seed too early. As a matter of fact, making seeds is the one goal of flowering plants. Weaker ones get down to business faster without spending too much time and energy producing many flowers.

When you buy seedlings in flats, you should look for lush, bushy growth.  Such plants tend to be stronger and capable of handling adverse conditions later. If you’re starting seeds indoors, make sure they get sufficient water and light. Direct sown beds should be thinned, leaving only the healthiest seedlings.

2. Plant them in rich soil

Soil rich in organic matter provides plenty of nutrients to the growing plants. Plants tend to thrive in soil enriched with compost and manure. It promotes good root run and lush vegetative growth, which will ensure plentiful flowers and a longer flowering period.

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