Top Best 10 Harley Davidson Motorcycles of All-Time

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These are the top 10 Harley Davidson models of all time.

1915 11F

1915 11F Harley Davidson

The 1915 11F brought the motorcycling world to a completely new level. It was the first Harley motorbike with a three-speed transmission, as well as an automatic oiler and gigantic intake valves that allowed it to spit out a boisterous 11hp. It even came with a detachable nighttime service light. While this bad boy might be outdated today, it served an important role in the foundation of Harley Davidson motorbikes. It revolutionized the manufacture of motorcycles and showed that comfort can be combined with style and performance.

2006 VRSCSE2

2006 VRSCSE2

The VRSCSE2 boasts more than just performance. It blends good looks with excellent functionality, and comes in 3 different color combinations: charcoal slate and scarlet red pearl; platinum pear and chrome yellow pearl; and black and electric orange. Additionally, it incorporated stellar handling and the Revolution engine that made it easy to maneuver through traffic.

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