Top 10 tips to keep your motorcycle running smoothly

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8. Keeping it straight

With the conditions of roads ever changing, there are going to be instances where going into a pothole or over a bump is un-avoidable. This sudden impact can throw the wheels of the motorcycle out of alignment. This is dangerous because the steering may not auto correct itself properly or you may land up sliding towards the tarmac on a turn. So every few weeks take your motorcycle to a garage and check if the wheel alignment is proper.

9. Power outage

Just like we need to eat to replenish our energy levels, the battery on the motorcycle needs to be charged every few months. With every thumb of the starter and every brake lever or pedal pressed, the battery loses power. If you don’t use the motorcycle regularly so that the alternator can charge the battery, the battery will drain. If you have an old battery that requires water inside, make sure to top up the water level every few weeks. If you have one of the new maintenance free batteries then you have nothing to worry about.

10. It’s all about you

Yes it’s all about you. Your motorcycle will run smoothly if you take care of it. That doesn’t mean just carrying out maintenance work but also riding properly. Braking calmly, accelerating steadily and turning smoothly will help lots of the parts on your motorcycle last longer. Remember a machine is only as good as its operator.

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