Top 10 tips to keep your motorcycle running smoothly

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6. Light it up

Top ten tips to keep your motorcycle running smoothly

There’s nothing more irritating than a motorcycle rider who does not indicate when turning, when changing lanes and of course when their headlight is constantly in your eyes. In fact most riders don’t even realise that their motorcycles brake light has stopped working until they land up being rear ended by another vehicle. So everyday check the turn indicators and brake light to see if they are functioning properly. Make sure that when the motorcycles headlight is on low beam, it’s pointed down towards the road and not towards the 1st floor of someone’s house.

7. Smooth as oil

Top ten tips to keep your motorcycle running smoothly

Keeping the engine of your motorcycle is good condition involves two things. One is not revving the nuts off it by redlining it in every gear and the second is changing the engine oil on time every time. Changing the engine oil regularly will keep all the internal parts of the engine running smoothly. The grade of oil that you put also plays a major part in keeping the engine running smoothly. Depending on the type and power of your motorcycle, you could look at upgrading to a semi synthetic or fully synthetic engine oil. These work well in both cold and hot temperatures. Refer to the owner’s manual to see which grade of oil is recommended for your motorcycle.

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