Top 10 Biker chicks that you should be following

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It’s that time of year again, spring is on its way. You’re sheepishly filling up your petrol tanks and charging your camera’s ready for those all-important selfie bike shots. You scroll through your Instagram feed, and then it hits you, photo after photo of several bearded men you met at your last bike meet up.

So to help you out, (in no particular order) here’s our 2018 list of biker chicks absolutely killing it on Instagram.

1. leralapochka

If Barbie owned a motorbike, she would be called Leralapochka. Straight from St. Petersburg in Russia, this gorgeous 23 year old can often be seen zooming around on her Suzuki GSXR600. With 3 years motorcross experience, she’s no newbie on two wheels. She told us her dream bike is a h2r but unforunately isn’t road legal!

2. mizzmegzz

Mizzmegzz is a real-life power ranger from Ontario, Canada and everything about this girl is pink and fast. Currently riding her pink Suzuki GSXR 600 and pink Kawasaki Ninja 300cc, this girl is not one to be missed. Her dream bike is the KTM RC8 R but states that she hasn’t quite worked out how to rock the pink and orange look.

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