The 3 Problematic Elements Of Biker Gear Explained

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Aside from the usual hair problems that are common for bikers, there are of course more pressing issues. Choosing the right helmet is one of the most important decisions as a biker. A recent study looked at 1,061 patients that had been involved in motorbike accidents: 728 of whom were not wearing a helmet, leaving only 323 who were.

Other factors in finding the right helmet include a noticeable color, a snug fit, and good ventilation and noise proofing. Take your time and try on all the helmets until you find the perfect fit.

Leather Gear

Although some may believe otherwise, the leather gear that bikers cover themselves in is not just for show – it’s a crucial safety precaution. Leather wear is of the utmost importance to a biker and just so happens to look good at the same time.

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