Best Gear For Beginners: Two Schools Of Thought

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  • Whatever you can find that allows good dexterity, wind protection and has a long cuff(gauntlet design) to tuck inside your jacket sleeve is ideal. Finding truly waterproof gloves can be very challenging.

Boots or Shoes: Don’t overlook the importance of a sturdy boot or shoe. Your feet will take a beating while out riding and especially in a crash scenario.

  • Look for good ankle support and a beefy sole with good grip material on it. Avoid steel/safety toe work boots or shoes because you won’t often have room to get it under the shift lever on a bike due to the added thickness.


In all your gear a good thing to keep in mind is breathability.

You’ll be riding in hot weather while wearing several layers of protection. If you’re too hot you won’t want to wear the gear so you want venting options.

At the same time, a waterproof layer is invaluable. The best of both worlds is either special material (like Gore-Tex) that breathes and is waterproof or a well-vented item with an outer covering that is waterproof and can be taken on and off easily as necessary.

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